Spreadsheets you
can reason with

GPT-4 embedded in every cell, which can also be an API, browse the web for you, and refresh contents on a schedule 🤯


State of the art capabilities

Coding and spreadsheets combined
For any job based on multi-step calculations, Codesheets radically simplifies the orchestration between your logic and your display.
Blazing fast collaboration
Codesheets is powered by Liveblocks under the hood, giving it Google Docs-level real-time syncing and sharing.
Younger than GPT-4
Codesheets is built with AI from day one, so it doesn't feel bolted on. The AI Assistant is contextually aware and can help you code and build a spreadsheet.
Hacker's paradise
Every Codesheet has access to a fully provisioned virtual machine running TypeScript via Deno. You don't have to worry about a substandard environment.
API access
Some of your code will always live in other execution environments. Access and change any sheet or cell using JS/TS and Python modules or the REST API.
Expert review
Iterative machine translation will often get you 100% of the way there. If not, reach out directly to get connected with our team of linguists.


Frequently Asked Questions